Are you ready ???

Are you ready for road trips?

For pretty spring flowers?

For picnics at the “park”?

For really long picnics?

For new plants?

Ready for spring showers…

and if you’re not ready, we got you too!


Bad Yelp

Has your home restaurant received a few bad yelp reviews lately?

Coming Soon can help!

Make your vodka on the rocks look like a sex on the beach.

No knife skills? No problem, serve it on a pretty plate.

Screw plating and portion control, dine family style.

Is your brita not cutting it anymore? Purify with charcoal sticks instead.

It might be time to replace those hand-me-down dining chairs.

Remember each good candle can replace a Michelin Star ⭐


How To Keep It Cozy Like Cosi

Bring your picnics inside.

Keep it nice and clean.

Make sure you have extra pillows for extra snuggles.

Invest in a comfy chair.

Set the lighting just right.

And make sure you and yours stay safe and healthy 🙂

Love, Cosimo

Love your house like Cosimo loves our house !

The Great Golden Girls

Are you indulging in cheesecake at 2am, obsessing over rattan furniture, would love a little Miami sun??? You might be missing The Golden Girls.

We’ve been – so we got these candles and played a little fantasy picks with the girls:

Sofia wants this apple pipe to help treat her “glaucoma.”

And she can use this container too.

For Blanche, candles to “set the mood.”

A silky pillow helps the “hair stay in place.”

And remember to “always be a lady.”

To challenge Dorothy’s “strong will” she needs these puzzles.

And finally Rose wants this rose tinted mirror – obviously.

Cosi always thought he was a Rose, so he’s sending these to her!

Thanks for playing with us and thank you to everyone who purchased a Hester the Nail to support health care workers!

Thank you for being a friend.

Hester for Healthcare

Healthcare workers are nailing it every day in every way.

100% of proceeds between 5/5 and 5/10 from Coming Soon’s beloved first product, Hester the Nail, went to support healthcare workers.

Get one for yourself or send it to a loved one.

She’s the best, made of solid brass, always useful, strong, and beautiful.

Proceeds went to The Center for Disaster Philanthropy.


How’s mom doing?

Mothers day is 2 weeks away and she really deserves a gift this year.

Some bowls to use when she’s cooking all those new recipes that are making dad fat.

An apple for your kids “new teacher.”

Some pretty tea towels since she’s been drinking so much tea.

And some new glasses for all the tea she’s not drinking.

Or a new laundry bag since all the kids are home.

A small rug for her backdrop to make FaceTiming 10x a day more fun.

This years Mothers Day gift of the year… hand sanitizer that smells like the store.

With matching candle !


Are you starting to act out?

Remember to remove stress in some kind of way.

Burn some incense over and over again.

Cuddle and cuddle.

Try to sleep better.

Drink some tea.

Take extra care of your pet.

A little organizing can help.

Spend some time with friends and family.

And remember to laugh !


Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is always about the brunch.

This year will be a little different.

You can invite your mom for a cup of coffee.

Or buy her her favorite dish.

And have a little drink or two.

Send a gift and we’ll send her a personalized invite to your date.

For all mothers, mothers-in-law, or mother figures in your life.


Life is weird…

Let’s try to make weird fun again.

This multi-faced tissue box might help

Or this pretty weird leg bowl

Maybe just something a little weird for the kids ?

Or something a little weird for your grown-up drinks ?

And we have lots of weird glasses

There’s always these curiously squishy Gaetano Pesce vases

Or these wacky concrete planters with bubble wrap dishes

Or this outlandish “bowl”

And finally there’s always a clown pot that’s just weird enough.

Stay weird people !


Some tips for while you’re at home staying safe

Reconsider your furniture

Show your plants some extra love

Deep clean and organize

Send a puzzle to a friend

Stay hydrated and most importantly, stay healthy !

Practice good social distancing !