The Great Golden Girls

Are you indulging in cheesecake at 2am, obsessing over rattan furniture, would love a little Miami sun??? You might be missing The Golden Girls.

We’ve been – so we got these candles and played a little fantasy picks with the girls:

Sofia wants this apple pipe to help treat her “glaucoma.”

And she can use this container too.

For Blanche, candles to “set the mood.”

A silky pillow helps the “hair stay in place.”

And remember to “always be a lady.”

To challenge Dorothy’s “strong will” she needs these puzzles.

And finally Rose wants this rose tinted mirror – obviously.

Cosi always thought he was a Rose, so he’s sending these to her!

Thanks for playing with us and thank you to everyone who purchased a Hester the Nail to support health care workers!

Thank you for being a friend.

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