Games Games Games

Some fun and games to pass the time indoors !

Mexican Train Game to bring all your roomies together

A game of rummi for family time

Playing cards for endless drinking games

A classic set of dominoes for more intimate competition

A pattern puzzle to reeaally pass the time

Or a little puzzle for breaks between work

We know it’s not always easy to stay happy together, hope this helps.

For Your Home Cook

Even if you’re not the best cook, you can still look like one.

Timeless Austrian enamel ladles and a handy rail to store them.

A set of mixing bowls make prepping pretty.

Pretend you’re at a French bistro no matter what you make.

A lazy susan to spice up your dining table

And salt and pepper to spice up your food.

Every cute cook needs a cute chopping block.


We added a new section to our website!

Where you can shop by mood !

An organic lamp to calm your anxiety.

Soothing pillow cases for when you’re afraid.

A quick puzzle to cure boredom.

A charcoal toothbrush for sexy time.

A Pesce clock for productivity.

Glass straws for when you’re on the sauce.

and new dog bowls for Cosi cause he’s always in the mood!

Let us help you feel good 🙂

Room Hopping

Bar hopping at home…

Begin with a pregame bath.

Clock in to office happy hour.

Head to the kitchen bar.

Then check out your restaurant bar.

Enjoy your new sports bar right around the corner (puzzles can be a sport).

Don’t forget the kids room speakeasy.

Finish your day with a night cap, and start over tomorrow 😉


Zoom Meetings

Be ready …

for your next zoom meeting !

Yes, these are worry beads but they’re pretty beads on your wall too.

Use this etagere to show off your pretty things.

Don’t have enough pretty things? Get one of these…

Look like you’re living at the Ritz.

Plants can help you look more alive than you feel inside.

Don’t forget to mug for the camera a bit.

And remember it’s all about the lighting.

Don’t get caught like Jennifer.

Bathroom or home office?

Has your bathroom become your new office?

You’ll need towels for drying you and your laptop off.

A bathmat to avoid puddles when you’re done working in the tub.

A shower curtain for a little privacy…

or a little less privacy.

For your q tips or your pens.

And to keep your serums, scrubs, cables, and chargers organized.

Don’t forget your research materials!

Oh, rubber duckie you’re the one

Our Clue Murder Mystery Begins …

It’s not just a game… anymore

Cheers !

Cheers to our makers and designers.

Cheers to NYC based Sophie Lou Jacobsen

and cheers to Jonathan Mosca and Arley Marks of MaMo and Honey’s.

Cheers to the beloved Museum of Modern Art

and cheers to our makers all around the world.

And last but not least, cheers from Coming Soon to you.


The Office

Are you starting to miss The Office?

These are some of Coming Soon’s fantasy office picks:

Monumental Bookends for Michael, because he thinks they’re a monument to him.

A good rolling chair for Jim.

A Gaetano Pesce vessel for Pam to remember her art school days.

A very sharp knife for Dwight.

A lucky cat for Angela for obvious reasons.

A bathing lady for Kelly because she’s the coolest.

Bowls for Kevin’s famous chili.

Little puzzles for Phyllis while she’s waiting for Bob Vance.

These coasters for Ryan because he’s just a temp.

A pineapple pitcher Meredith can drink directly from.

A nude pot for Oscar, of course.

An hourglass for Stanley to let everyone know when it’s time to go.

Matches – a gift from Michael to Toby, to burn in hell.

A shower curtain Andy can sing behind.

A serpent keychain for Creed Bratton – fun fact: that’s his name IRL

And dominoes for Darryl because he’s the only one with friends outside the office.


Bathing Ladies

Family owned and operated, Mosser Glass, has been producing hand-pressed glass objects for over thirty years in Cambridge, Ohio. The milk glass Bathing Lady has been an icon of Coming Soon since our beginning. With its uniquely decorative form, this dish has infinite uses.

We asked our customers to share photos of their Bathing Ladies in all their glory; our very first contest. From ashtrays to sauce dishes, jewelry catch-alls to bowls exclusively for Alison Roman’s spicy corn nuts, the photos came pouring in!

It’s always hard to pick favorites, but here are a few of ours …